Teaching your Puppy Heel work

We cannot stress enough “Do not rush your foundations”, this is a training subject where by students want to go from A to B in 5 seconds simply because they need to walk there puppy and then wounder why there puppy has learnt to pull like an express train out of control or simply refuses to walk. The answer is simple take a good look in the mirror at the person at the other end of the lead and point the finger of blame at them for not having taken the time to simply train the subject correctly and to check the puppy understands each stage without having to bribe with food before going onto teach the next stage. 

For that reason we have chosen only to let you have the first few stages of heel work training, the remainder will be developed in the puppy foundation course.

When it comes to teaching the puppy how to sit and go into a down position, we opt for an easy training message which prevents the puppy and the handler becoming stress during the initial training stages. This is performed through a training technique called “Capturing”.

What Capturing simply means is just that, capturing a puppy performing the behaviour you want to train but them doing it naturally without and thinking or prompting. The down side is you have to be quick at marking and rewarding the approved behaviour.

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